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for cnn, san francisco. >>> all right, coming up at 6:00, adopt a pet for free. why one person's jen ross thy will help -- generosity will help top your family and new recommend dations -- recommendations on breast feeding. >>> when you think of the holiday music, you think of christmas carrolls. >> we are going to have a good time. >> catchy, uh? >> the song let youtube less than a week ago and already as more than 4 million hits. it was written by the man behind rebecca black's infamous "friday" song. some are calling it the worst song ever. 12-year-old nicole westbrook doesn't seem to mind. >> honestly, i don't care what the critics think. they can say whatever they want. >> good for you. nicole said this year she's entitled to it. >> the end of the twilight saga creeping up on us. >> it's ending. the final film, breaking dawn part two broke in l.a. george pennachio was there. >> reporter: the whole gang is back one more time for the breaking saga breaking dawn. >> we put everything into the movie, especially the last one. we paid tribute not only to this film but the entire franchise.
the election results in new york you had to look up. empire state building turned blue when cn-n called the race for president obama. throughout the night with a meter showing the electoral college and,000 they were voting in each state. >>> and president had supporters in chicago to celebrate. >> george howel was there and has more reaction. >> reporter: thousands packed the chicago convention center to celebrate the current and future president barack obama. >> our journey has been long. we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. >> reporter: it's been 6 months and more than 100 rallies since the president officially kicked off his reelection efforts. a slow economic recovery and poor performance in the first presidential debate left the campaign in a virtual tie in the final weeks. but as the election wore on, the president continued to rack up key electoral votes. then shortly after 11 p.m. eastern time, it was ohio that put obama over the top a state that became ground zero for b
was having an affair w an official with knowledge of the case tells cnn today that the former cia chief is expected to tell lawmakers he suspectedalmost immediately that the attack was the work of an al-qaeda affiliate but the official says there was other intelligence about 20 reports suggested an antiislamic movie may have been to blame for the attack. for those reports as far as they go they were disproved but that happened after petraeus' initial briefing to congress. he is also expected to tell lawmakers he had no direct involvement with the talking points used by u.s. ambassador susan rice in the days following the attack. as you may know she's been under fire for suggesting the attack was sparked by spontaneous protest he against the antimuslim film. now let's go one day back yesterday, we did see house hearings on the specific issue happening and we know lawmakers they looked at video surveillance video and say that it helped them fill in the blanks of what happened on september 11th. >> is there word about another investigation possibly involving general petraeus? >> reporter:
by looking at empire state building that turned blue when cnn called the race for president obama. throughout the night, it illuminateed and it was electoral college votes for each side. >>> a love stories as people are looking out for snow. >> and they are going to get it as we go throughout the day. we will have a wintery mix across the area. we can see as we look back toward the west, dry times, that's to come but first off we have to deal with the nor'easter dumping ran across the area this morning and around calvert county we are seeing a little bit of that within theory mix that trend will continue as we head through the rest of today. so expect the rain and expect snow to be mixing in together and as we go into the afternoon expect it to switch over to snowfall across the area that lingers into the overnighttime frame as well. but with that rain coming down first, it's going to be difficult to really get accumulation and also the ground is not as cold as it would be we say in wintertime. temperatures coming in at 35 degrees in columbia. and davidsthe same building in a five month perio
's this brand-new cnn/orc that shows president obama has a slight lead over mitt romney so it's a dead heat there. >> thank you for that report. >> four square is trying to do its part to get people to vote. it's launched a new app called "i voted." app users must have a primary four square account to use this service. >>> all right. i'm wyatt everhart. we continue to watch the clouds streaming in out of the north and west. mostly cloudy skies. our view from charm city one. how about mt. airy. mostly cloudy most of the day, but some breaks of sun, giving you the idea that sandy is starting to lose her grip in terms of the clouds and come winds it. was breezy and it will continue to be. enjoy the last two late sun sets. we know what happens sunday. we'll end daylight saving time. as a result gain an hour of sleep. the sunset will be close to 5:00 as opposed to 6:04. right now 50 degrees. a few more photos from sandy. maryland national guard rescuing people. imagine being without your power days later and under 30 inches of wet snow. current winds from the west, northwest around 15 to 230. we
.com/sandy. >> what are the best jobs in america? cnn and money and pay scale.com came up with a list of the top one hundred jobs in the country based on pay satisfaction, stress level, benefits and flexibility. let's look at the top five, no. one, biomedical engineer, second place, market marketing consultant. software architect and data base administrator. no news reporter or journalist on there? . >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. hey, take a look thshgs is the kweshgs how will sandy ultimately rank along among u.s. power house storms as far as costly. right now it's a $55 5 (500) 000-0000 hit estimated but likely to go higher. katrina was 108 billion and if other are pailing in comparison to this -- pealing in comparison to this. we'll see what happens if sandy overtakes katrina. itis possible. some of the cost and damage in our area. this is a different camera angle. that is a brand new inlet similar to the inlet that was cut in ocean city back in the 1933 great chesapeake bay hurricane. this is route one in delaware, kind of an ominous looking sign and here's the work being done b
john mccain can be heard recording lashing out this happened at cnn producer who was questioned why he missed a key hearing on the attack on wednesday. >> i am not no more comment. i am not going to comment on how i spend my time. >> is there. >> i will not no further commit. >> is there a legitimate. >> i have no further comment. how many times do i have to comment. >> why can't i. >> because as a senator i have no senator and who are the hell are you to it will me if i can or not. >> at time of the briefing mccain was holding a news conference to call for committee to be created to investigate the attack. mccain spokesman blamed the missed meet og and scheduling error he was at yesterday's hearing instead. >>> news time 5:23. the occupy movement is dead and gone but an offshoot group want to help you out. >> they call it the bailout of the 99% by the 99%. how a group is giving people who have incurred a pile of debt a surprise after the lifetime. >> black friday and cyber monday but there's a new push to give you your money to put it to good cause. we have the details of what's now b
's head back to the news desk. >> several media outlets including cnn are reporting that president obama has won re- election. >> we're going back to the network as they're preparing a special report but we'll take a break and be back with more. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. . >> this is an abc news special report. leshgs night 20123. and here we mark the time. ohio is in, we are projecting the battleground state of ohio for president obama which means you are looking at the president of the united states obama has been re-elected the 44th president. listen to the crowd out in time's square. the man who came in four years ago will now have a chance to promise possibility. a new future for the next four years. coming up. >> another chapter in an improbable journey. it was good to remember that ten years ago obama was a state senator in illinois now had he is a re-elected president of the united states. a very different campaign from four years ago. four years ago he rode a wave of hope and change. this year he had to beat a wave back and he did it in a campa
breaking news in atlanta. police closed off streets around cnn's building because someone called 911 saying he was at the building with a chemical bomb. officers are sweeping the building looking for the caller and package. we will follow the story and any information that comes into the newsroom we will bring you the updates here on good morning maryland and also on abc2news.com. >>> we told you this story dozens of times in the past several months and we will tell you this one more time. rainwater weather and cold weather and whatever, srchg holes. >> it happens and the aging infrastructure is cracking. sherrie johnson is live this morning in north baltimore. >> reporter: we are here in the 4600 block of york road in north baltimore. this water main break is causing quite a few problems for people. you know, crews have been working around the clocks trying to fix this 16 inch water main. you can see here they are still a busy working and they were waiting for a part earlier this morning but now they are back at work trying to get this fixed and we called dpw crews and i spoke to a spokesp
journal constitution is reporting police have given the all clear to the cnn building. this is a video we received into the abc2 newsroom for two hours ago, this after someone called 911 saying he was inside the building with a chemical bomb. officers rushed to the sceneclosing off a number of streets and minutes ago they cleared the scene moving crime tape and opening the streets and i lowing employees to return to the building. >>> 6:32. for days we have been seeing the video out of new jersey major damage by hurricane sandy. force of the storm missed us just by 100 miles so we sent charley to atlantic city a place so many of us go to bring perspective. >> charley crowson for abc2 news reporting in atlantic city wanting to give you an idea of how bad sandy was and how fortunate we were in maryland to have missed the full force of this storm when it made landfall two days ago. we are in front of the waterside apartments off the shoreline. you see a number of windows completely torn out. these are apartment buildings probably not very many people there right now as the cleanup continues.
job but is it one of the best in america? cnn money and pay scale.com came up with a list of the top 100 jobs in the country that was based on pay satisfaction stress level and benefits to society and flexibility. here are the top five. number one is a biomedical engineer. and second place, a marketing consultant that's beneficial to society? and you got software architect and you have to make the gamers happy and clinical researchassociate and data base administrator. >>> all right. well, the thought you can just get away with stealing gasoline is is absorbed. >> the string of destruction that left him in the hospital as you expect caught on camera. video you don't want to miss. >> reporter: good morning topping america's money economic reports don't get bigger than today's october employment number from the government four days before the election. both candidates are in battleground states and spec to -- expected -- expected to seize on the results. big retail chains reported strong sales up 5% from a year ago. and sales of new cars and trucks jumped 7% from last october. official
of the soldiers was not reassuring. >> so they're not watching cable news. they're not getting cnn and al-jazeera in those places? >> short wave radio. depend on the town. it's cut off from a lot of civilization. >> the thing i love about that too, and, congratulations, jake on the book. he was inspired to write it. news of the attack where eight soldiers were killed came out on the same day that his son was born back in 2009. really, motivation for the book came from his heart. as a dad. so, i think that was interesting, the genesis of it. >> we thank jake for telling some of the story that would otherwise be untold. all too many of them. >> that is for sure. coming up next, a journey into the deepest, darkest jungle. >> what it takes to survive in the amazon, sorting out the monsters from the myths. >>> you don't have to go to outer space to find new exotic forms of life. in the amazon, new species are found every three days. but it ain't easy. >> no it is not. abc's matt gutman traveled to the heart out jungle with a man who sorts out the myths from the monsters. >> reporter: blood thi
is motorcycles, not minis. two years ago, as a cnn reporter was filming on the street in london, another smash and grab gang sped off with stolen jewelry. police recovered the motorbikes from the mall robbery in a nearby golf course less than an hour later. but they have no idea who was driving them. for "good morning america," jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> unbelievable. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >>> and so is this. coming up, a real football star, in josh's "play of the day." wait until you see meet sam, the other sam. a pint-sized sensation. >> not that one. ♪ [ male announcer ] we're excited by trends, and mng brings the best to your neighborhood jcp. european style that makes every day better. at prices you can get excited about, and only at jcp. anow enjoy theg you canluxury of savingut, up to $600 on select leather sofas, with equally great savings on select leather chairs, ottomans, and recliners. for a limited time only during ethan allen's luxury in leather sales event. i need all the help i can get. that's why i like nutella. mom, what's the capital of west virginia? charlest
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